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... to the Analog Insydes Developers’ Corner. On this web site you will find additional information and programming resources related to Analog Insydes, a Mathematica add-on package for symbolic analysis and design of analog electronic circuits. These resources are provided to you by a true “Insyder” in the hope that you will find them useful, but without any guarantee regarding accuracy and completeness.

Note that this site is not officially supported by the makers of Analog Insydes, Fraunhofer ITWM, so do not complain to them if you find errors or omissions in the materials published here. If you do find bugs or pieces of information that are wildly inaccurate, please send your feedback directly to me.


On the right-hand side of this page you will find a list of projects I have been working on recently or plan to work on. If you are willing to contribute to these projects, your help will be greatly appreciated.


I have created a project aidc on SourceForge.net, which contains the complete source code of all programs from this site. You can retrieve package releases from the Downloads section. To get the latest development code, check out the contents of the Subversion repository (read the Code/SVN page for instructions on how to access the repository).

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Write to Eckhard Hennig <aidev@kaninkolo.de>


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